A Kind of Murder (2016) Movie

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A Kind of Murder (2016) Movoie (Photo : Teaser Trailer)

Synopsis : A Kind of Murder (2016) Movie tells the story of a successful man named Walter Stackhouse who works as architecture and enjoys writing crime fiction. While his wife Clara worked as a successful real estate saleswoman.

Walter was obsessed with the case of the unsolved murder, and then think what if he killed his wife.

Marriage Walter and his wife Clara were not happy, and Walter had a relationship with another woman from Greenwich Village named Ellie.

To that end, killing Clara is the best option to explore the straight story while he gets up well to smooth his relationship with Ellie.

But all turned into a disaster when the plans he did not run as expected. The killing was a fatal mistake that will be costly Walter.

Genres : Drama, Thriller
Cast: Patrick Wilson, Jessica Biel, Eddie Marsan, Haley Bennett, Vincent Kartheiser
Director: Andy Goddard
Release: December 16, 2016 (USA)
Rating: D17 +
Production: Killer Films

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