Baywatch (2017)

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Synopsis: Baywatch (2017) movie tells about a coast guard named Buchannon and Brody. Both have known each other long and worked there for a long time.

However, they both did not get along with each other. Bunchannon is a lifeguard leader who has loyalty in performing his duties. Meanwhile there Brody became a member of the team led by Bunchannon.

Although both are often disagreed, but for this one problem they work together. When there is oil pollution in the sea by a company, Bunchannon and Brody work together so that oil pollution can be overcome.

The film, starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, is a reboot of the movie with the same title and first release in the 80s.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Priyanka Chopra, Jon Bass, Kelly Rohrbach, IIfenesh Hadera
Director: Seth Gordon
Production: Paramount Pictures, The Montecito Picture Company, Flynn Picture Company
Rating: R
Release: May 25, 2017 (USA)

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