Brush With Danger (2015)

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Synopsis: Brush With Danger (2015) tells the story of Alice (Livi Zheng) and his brother Ken (Ken Zheng) who lives in a large container full. Both were in hiding after escaping from China.

To survive, Alice worked painting while Ken take to the streets to show off martial attraction capabilities. By the same token they met with Jutus Sullivan (Norman Newkirk), an art collector interested in the ability of the brothers.

Alice and Ken finally work on Jutus and obtain a better life. But apparently it was all a trick Jutus because he then trap the brothers were involved in the theft of Van Gogh painting worth billions of rupiah.

Faced with this situation, Alice and Ken decided to go back to escape. Now they must try to survive from the pursuit of men Jutus and also police who target them.

Genres : Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: Livi Zheng
Cast : Livi Zheng, Ken Zheng, Nikita Breznikov, Norman Newkirk
Released: 26 November 2015 (Indonesia)
Production: Sun and Moon Films
Rating: R

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