Sinopsis : Film Kidnap (2017) menceritakan tentang penculikan seorang anak bernama Frankie. Saat itu Frankie bersama ibunya yang bernama Karla […]

Sinopsis : Film Wish Upon (2017) menceritakan tentang Claire Shannon yang baru saja mendapatkan hadiah box mainan dari sang ayah. […]

Sinopsis : Film Berlin Syndrome (2017) menceritakan tentang pertemuan seorang phorographer asal Australia yang sedang berlibur di Berlin. Saat di […]

Synopsis : The Circle (2017) tells the story of a woman named Mae (Emma Watson). She works at a leading […]

Synopsis : Stratton (2017) Movie tells of a special mission that is being run John Stratton (Clark Kent). He worked […]

Synopsis : Unlocked (2017) Movie tells about the life of a former CIA agent named Alice Rania (Noomi Rapace). He […]

Synopsis : Bethany (2017) tells of a woman named Claire. She just moved with her husband to her childhood home. […]

Synopsis : Unforgettable (2017) tells the story of a beautiful woman named Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson). She had just married […]

Synopsis: Brush With Danger (2015) tells the story of Alice (Livi Zheng) and his brother Ken (Ken Zheng) who lives […]

Synopsis: Miss Sloane (2017) tells the story of a political lobbyist most reliable and reputed named Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain). […]

Synopsis : Shut In (2017) Movie tells a story of Mary (Naomi Watts) who is a child psychologist trying to […]

Synopsis: Get Out (2017) Movie tells of a young man named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) who are of African-Americans. He was […]

Synopsis: Ghost In The Shell (2017) Movie tells the story of an agent named cyborg Motoko Kusanagi (Scarlett Johansson). Kusanagi […]

Synopsis: Life (2017) tells the story of six people elected astronauts who runs a study of Mars. They will be […]

Synopsis: Split (2017) describing the abduction experienced a teenage girl named Casey. He was kidnapped in the car while waiting […]

Synopsis : Submergence (2017) Movie tells the story of a British man named James Moore (James McAvoy) is held hostage […]

Synopsis : A Kind of Murder (2016) Movie tells the story of a successful man named Walter Stackhouse who works […]

Synopsis: Frank & Lola (2016) Movie tells of an obsessive chef and worked in Las Vegas (Michael Shannon). Frank fell […]

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