Daddy’s Home (2017) Movie

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Genres : Comedy

Cast: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, John Lithgow, Mel Gibson

Director : Sean Anders

Production : Paramount Pictures

Rating : PG-13

Synopsis: Daddy’s Home (2017) Movie tells about the friendship between Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell). Both are planning to spend their family’s family vacation period.

Both want to create the best Christmas impression for children in the family. But their new relationship runs harmoniously re-disturbed by the presence of their two fathers.

Dusty’s father (Mel Gibson) is a strange actor, as does Brad’s father (John Lithgow) who is very emotional. Both grandfather’s messed up the Christmas holidays of Dusty and Brad. Then, how do they overcome all that?

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