Don’t Breathe (2016)

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Synopsis : Don’t Breathe (2016) Movie tells of the life of a woman named Rocky (Jane Levy). She and her sister grew up in a family that is not in harmony. This makes him not feel at home. He would have loved to bring his sister away from her parents’ house.

But all has not materialized because he did not have enough money. Because it anyway she follow the advice of his girlfriend Money (Daniel Zovatto) and his friend Alex (Dylan Minnette) to rob the house.

Their target was the house of an old man who was blind. They heard a rumor if he was to save precious safe under his house. Initially they seriously underestimate the old man. But all turned into terror when mereja scary inside.

Money became the first casualties of the ferocity of the homeowners are blind. Now Rocky and Alex had to fight to get out tetapu they were terrified. They realized if the old man adalab a serial killer. Can they get out of this problem?

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Genre : Horror, Thriller
Cast : Jane Levy, Stephen Lang, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, Astor, Nomad, Katia Bokor
Director : Fede Alvarez
Released : 26 Agustus 2016 (USA)
Production Company :  Screen Gems, Ghost House Pictures, Stage 6 Films
Rating: R

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