Equals (2016)

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Equals (2016) Movie (Photo : Youtube.com)

Synopsis : Equals (2016) Movie tells of the life of human civilization in the future. When men live in a state in and harmonious. There is no longer the emotional attachment in humans.

However, human life becomes disrupted when a virus that makes humans have emotions back. The plague quickly spread and cause damage everywhere.

Silas (Nicholas Hoult), is one of the dangerous plague. Luckily, Silas was able to hide his emotions so as not to arouse suspicion.

To stay alive, Silas continued to work and find a way to get out of this problem. Could he do it?

Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance
Director : Drake Doremus
Cast : Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart, Guy Pearce, Bel Powley, Jacki Weaver,
Released : December 2, 2016 (USA)
Production Co : Search Engine Films
Rating: Adult / R

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