Gifted (2017)

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Synopsis : Gifted (2017) tells of a man named Frank Adler (Chris Evans). She is not married yet is raising her nephew, Mary (McKenna Grace).

Both live in a town on the outskirts of Florida. Mary attended a school in the city and showed remarkable achievements.

Mary has a very potential mathematical ability. Teachers suggested to Frank to send Mary specifically to improve her ability.

But Frank rejected all that because he did not want to spoil Mary’s seven-year-old childhood. But it was opposed by Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) who was none other than Frank’s mother and grandmother of Mary.

Evelyn for Mary to get a better education and focus on developing that extraordinary talent. There is now a challenge between Frank and Evelyn in fighting for custody of Mary.

Then, who will be entitled to nurture Mary? Will Frank still be able to take care of his niece? What about Mary’s incredible mathematical talent?

Starring : Chris Evans, McKenna Grace, Jenny Slate, Lindsay Duncan, Octavia Spencer, Julia Ann Emery
Director : Marc Webb
Genres : Drama
Released : April 21, 2017 (USA)
Rating : G

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