Jack Goes Home (2016)

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Synopsis : Jack Goes Home (2016) Movie tells of the life of a man named Jack (Rory Culkin). He worked as an editor at a major magazine and has a beautiful fiancee named Cleo (Britt Robertson).

Jack learned that his parents had an accident on the way back to the village. His father died while the mother survived. Finally Jack should be restoring to Colorado to care for her mother.

While in his hometown, Jack discovered the secret that had been in the family. Jack tried to express all these lies.

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Jack Goes Home (2016) Movie (Photo : imdb.com)

Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller

Cast : Britt Robertson, Natasha Lynonne, Daveigh Chase, Lin Shaye, Nikki Reed, Louis Hunter

Director : Thomas Dekker

Production Co : Yale Productions, SSS Entertainment, Bondlt

Release date : October 14, 2016 (USA)

Rating: R

Duration : 1h 40m

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