Maximum Ride (2016) Movie

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Synopsis : Maximum Ride (2016) Movie tells the story of six children who had the DNA of birds 2%. Therefore, they can fly and called humans Hybrid.

Fang (14 years), Iggy (14 years), Gazzy (8 years), Nudge (11 years), Angel (6 years), Max (14 years) is 6 six children are living in a laboratory they call The School ,

One day, they escape from The School with the help of guards (Jeb Batchleder), and they decided to stay in the mountains. However, one day Angel was kidnapped by a creature half man named The erasers.

They decided to save Angel, and eventually they started to search. During the journey to find Angel, a period they gradually uncovered.

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Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy

Cast : Allie Marie. Patrick Johnson, Karla Zamudio, Tina Huang, Peter O’Brien, Lyliana Wray

Director : Jay Martin

Production Co : G2, Studio 71, JP Entertainment

Released : August 30, 2016 (USA)

Rating : PG-13

Duration : 1h 28m

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