Stratton (2017)

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Synopsis : Stratton (2017) Movie tells of a special mission that is being run John Stratton (Clark Kent). He worked as a special agent in the Royal Navy Service of the United Kingdom.

Stratton’s mission is to capture terrorists who enter international terrorist networks on both the borders of Kazakhstan, China and London.

In carrying out this mission, Stratton assisted intelligence services Northern Ireland. He worked very carefully to capture the terrorists.

But Stratton’s attempt to capture the terrorists brings trouble to the family and the people closest to Stratton.

The terrorists are trying to paralyze Stratton’s mission by kidnapping and making his family hostage.

Then, what will Stratton do? Will he run his mission or save his family?

Starring : Dominic Cooper, Connie Nielsen, Austin Stowell, Igal Naor, Gemma Chan, Tom Felton, Thomas Kretschmann
Director : Slimn West
Genres : Action, Thriller
Released : June 5, 2017 (USA)
Rating : R

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