The Promise (2017)

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Synopsis : The Promise (2017) Movie tells the story of a love triangle between Michael, Chris, and Ann, taking a background in the Turkish state during the Ottoman Empire.

Turkey, formerly Constantinople, is a city that accepts and respects differences. However, this is likely to cause problems.

It started with a medical student named Michael who came to Turkey to bring modern medicine to the village of Siroun, where his ancestors came from.

Meanwhile, there is a journalist named Chris Myers who also came to Turkey to cover about geo-politics in Turkey.

Later, there Chris meets Ann, a woman who works as an Armenian artist, who came to see her recently deceased father in Turkey.

Chris and Ann’s relationship, tested when Michael meets Ann, and they fall in love.

Starring : Christian Bale, Marwan Kenzari, Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, Angela Sarafyan, Jean Reno
Director : Terry George
Genres : Drama, Romance
Released : April 21, 2017 (USA)
Rating : R

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