The Shack (2017)

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Synopsis: The Shack (2017) tells the story of a spiritual journey, a man named Mack Phillips (Sam Worthington). He was grieving after losing those he loves.

The sense of loss that makes Mack was very depressed and frustrated. He was confident even started questioning the existence of God. Mack is experiencing a crisis of faith.

One day he accidentally discovered a mysterious letter. The letter gave instructions on Mack to go into a hut right in the middle of the Oregon forest.

As there was no other choice, Mack decided to go to Oregon. Although hesitant, Mack decided to stay away because there was no other reason for him to live.

There, he met with three mysterious. They are led by a woman named Papa (Octavia Spencer). There he discovered many wonders and mysteries that hard to believe.

Their meeting in the Oregon woods brought winds of change for Mack. He’s like finding the real truth of the way of life and the tragedy he experienced. The meeting has also changed life forever Mack.

Then, who is the figure of Papa and two other people who gave a lot of new experiences for Mack? How Mack’s life after her trip in Oregon?

Genre: Drama
Release: March 3, 2017 (USA)
Cast: Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, Alice Braga, Aviv Alush, Radha Mitchell, Tim McGraw
Director: Stuart Hazeldine
Rating: R
Production : Lionsgate Films