Till We Meet Again (2016) Movie

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Synopsis : Till We Meet Again (2016) Movie tells of the love story of Erik and Joana. They travel to Thailand for a tour.

The trip is supposed to be fun it actually turned disastrous for their relationship. Instead traveled, Erik and Joana just often debated and finally decided to split up in Thailand.

After the split, Erik along with three backpacker go around Thailand. While Joana met with his childhood friend.

This journey eventually teach and make them find themselves. Will they get back together?

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Till We Meet Again (2016) (Photo : IMDB)

Genre: Drama, Romance
Released: 25 November 2016 (USA)
Director: Bank Tangjaitrong
Cast: John Matton, Astrea Campbell-Cobb, Emrhys Cooper, Timothy Ryan Hickernell, Linnea Larsdotter
Rating: R

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