Unlocked (2017)

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Synopsis : Unlocked (2017) Movie tells about the life of a former CIA agent named Alice Rania (Noomi Rapace). He now lives in London and works as a social worker.

Alice was forced to quit the CIA after failing on an important mission. She often regretted the failure and struggled to get up.

Once Alice was asked to return to help the CIA. He had to interrogate suspected terrorist networks. But in fact Alice again failed after she was cheated.

The error was fatal. The terrorists are targeting Americans in London as the goal of their operation. Terrorists will use biological weapons to launch their attacks.

At the crucial moment, an MI5 (Orlando Bloom) agent was present who would help Alice prevent the attack. Both work together to thwart the acts of terrorism.

Can they run the mission? Or, Alice will again fail like before?

Starring : Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, Toni Collette, John Mallovich, Adelayo Adelayo, Ayrnen Harndouchi, Michael Douglas, Akshay Kumar
Director : Michael Apted
Genres : Action, Thriller
Released : April 27, 2017 (USA)
Rating : R

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