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Synopsis : Voice From the Stone (2017) Movie tells the story of the life of a cute young nurse named Verena (Emilia Clarke). She gets the job of taking care of and keeping a young son of a mute young heir named Jacob (Edward Dring).

Jacob lives in an isolated castle in Tuscany. He had just lost her mother because of illness and since then Jacob has chosen not to say a word.

Verena really liked the job. But as time went on, Verena saw many strangers to the boy.

She was more convinced that he had been spelled and sounded from behind a stone wall in the villa. Every time Verena put her ear to hear the voice, she was like down to another world.

Now she’s getting tied up with that wall. But the deadly terror came too. Can Verena come out and overcome all that terror?

Starring : Emilia Clarke, Giampiero Judica, Marton Csokas, Lisa Gastoni, Antonella Britti, Remo Gironi, Edward Dring, Caterina Murino
Director : Eric Howell
Genres : Horror, Thriller
Released : April 28, 2017 (USA)
Rating : R


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